Sunday, December 09, 2018

Medical marijuana legislation to be continued...

Update 13 December 2018: Two of the cannabis bills have been approved in Parliament.

These are the Medical Marijuana Industry bill and the Medical Marijuana Amnesty Bill.
The third Bill “Permitted Use of Cannabis for Religious Purposes Bill 2018”, was withdrawn after members of the Rastafarian community told the government that a law could not give them permission to use marijuana, which they consider a sacrament. Jah Mon.

10 December 2018: The draft bill about legalization of medicinal cannabis in St. Vincent and the Grenadines still has not been debated in Parliament. Several experts have been clarifying and explaining legal and economical issues that legalization would involve. The debate is scheduled to start December 10th, we'll keep you updated.
By now it is clear that the governments main aim is (as it should be) that by legalizing medical marijuana the local stakeholders benefit.
This would especially happen if investors with specialized extracting and processing knowledge stepped in to prepare the products suitable for the export market and by doing that get everybody to make more money, less worries.
Here are 2 videos depicting marijuana farming as it is now, first one is from 2012, the part about St. Vincent starts at minute 25 and the second one is 2018, done by a Canadian marijuana legalization activist.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Tropical storm Kirk

Tropical storm Kirk

Update 27 September 2018: As of 8pm Kirk was at 13.9N, 60.7W, just East of St. Lucia. Kirk is slowly falling apart, the center is ahead of the convection. In Barbados, just behind Kirk's center it is raining heavily at the moment.
Here in Bequia it was nice weather during the daytime, hardly any wind.

Update 26 September 2018: Kirk is back, as of 2pm the position was 12.5N 55W. A plane has investigated the storm and found winds up to 55 knots. Kirk is moving slightly North of West, so the center is expected to pass between Martinique and St. Lucia, where a tropical storm warning has been issued.
There is a tropical storm watch in effect for St. Vincent and the Grenadines. My weather forecast stays the same.

Update 25 September 2018: Kirk is still called the remnants of Kirk, but looking at the infrared satellite picture these remnants look very active! He has gone a lot faster than initially expected, so rain and gusty winds are to be expected probably on Thursday, the Southerly wind on Friday.
Summary of current weather in the Grenadines:

Update 24 September 2018: As of 11 am advisories and updates from the national hurricane center on tropical storm Kirk have been discontinued as there is no closed circulation anymore.
I'd still suggest watching it closely as it will at least be a strong tropical wave when it passes through the island chain.

23 September 2018: There is another tropical storm named Kirk far to our East.
Kirk is very low latitude and is expected to reach the island chain on Friday, most probably passing just North of St. Vincent
He is rapidly (20knots) moving west and approaching warmer waters where he could strengthen some.
By the time Kirk approaches the island chain upper level westerly winds are expected to weaken him significantly and Kirk could pass the islands as a tropical depression, minor tropical storm or a strong tropical wave.
Regardless this expected weakening there could be a lot of rain and gusty winds on Friday, and strong Southerly to Southeasterly winds Saturday.
At 1700 September 23rd Kirk was located at 9.5N 32.3 W.
Updates to follow.