Saturday, April 21, 2018

Icecubes fall from the sky in Martinique

Just an interesting little event that could in theory happen anywhere. This time it was on the 16th of April in Martinique, where a very warm and humid low level air mass from the South East collided with a very cold airmass descending from the North West.
This produced an area of heavy rain and thunderstorms, hanging around for several hours right in the middle of Martinique producing up to 235 mm of rain in 3 hours!
To the surprise of the inhabitants it also rained icecubes. Not rain, not snow, ice.

© MartiniqueLa1ere

Here is the scientific explanation:

So you see, under the very rare but exactly right circumstances this could also happen right here in Bequia!
For now, sunny and warm greetings as usual, Maria